London- Cine Ink UK, a digital hub of Hindi and Urdu podcasts, will be launching a new Hindi podcast series, ‘Loveleen Mukesh- Baat Niklegi Tau Phir Door Talak Jaayegi‘, from Saturday, 27 March 2021, on weekly basis, available for listening and downloading on all major podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify.

Loveleen Kacker and Mukesh Kacker, wife-and-husband duo,  both former Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers,  explore a wide array of topics ranging from their romance to governance problems to everyday subjects that are relevant to billions in the present day world in the Cine Ink podcast series.  

Recorded in a conversational style, and switching effortlessly between the three languages, Hindi-English-Urdu, the podcast series ‘Loveleen Mukesh’ is analytical, reflective and funny at the same time. 

“Modern life is complex and throws up myriad issues. While I don’t claim to possess the only correct perspective on these issues, I do feel that important issues need to be raised and discussed,” says Loveleen Kacker, formerly IAS, a passionate broadcaster, who is also a published novelist and author in the areas of children’s literature, fiction and research based studies.

Former IAS officer, Mukesh Kacker says, “Every person’s life is a treasure trove of experiences but it needs a keen eye to separate the important and the interesting from the ordinary. This podcast series gives me a chance to revisit my experiences as a participant observer.”

The icing on the cake is a song in each episode, sung by Mukesh, who trained in Hindustani Classical Music and has an ear for Urdu poetry as well.

Loveleen and Mukesh now live in London. 

‘Loveleen-Mukesh’, the eponymous podcast series blends in the personal anecdotes of the two as they draw upon their vast professional experience of governance. 

Loveleen, besides serving in field postings such as Collector/District Magistrate, has worked extensively in the social sector – in the areas of Education and Women & Child Development. After taking voluntary retirement from the I.A.S in 2012, Loveleen headed the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of a major Indian MNC for seven years and gave a major boost to skill development efforts in the country.

Mukesh’s major areas of experience include core economy, infrastructure and public sector corporations. After taking voluntary retirement from the I.A.S in 2007, Mukesh has worked in the private sector in a wide range of non-executive roles: Chairman, Director and Advisor. 

Episode 01: Qualify for the IAS if you want to get married 

The first episode of the podcast series ‘Loveleen-Mukesh: Baat Niklegi Tau Phir Door Talak Jaayegi’ introduces the wife-husband duo as they take us down the journey of their life starting from Allahabad University where they met and studied together. As they reminisce about their early days together, we get a glimpse into that bygone era when mixing of the two sexes was not so common, and romancing couples had to devise ingenious ways to keep away from prying eyes. “Qualify for the IAS, first, before you both want to get married,” Loveleen’s parents had told them. Studying together, romancing and also getting the approval of respective families  have their own elements of fun and seriousness, and the light hearted conversation brings it out beautifully.

The first episode is able to paint a realistic picture of the life at the Mussoorie Academy, the civil service training institute on public policy and public administration in India, and the diversity of experiences imparted to the young probationers who were just beginning their professional lives. Mukesh sings two romantic numbers in line with the initial feeling of euphoria and success.

Note: Produced by Cine Ink, UK, the series ‘Loveleen-Mukesh’ Baat Niklegi Tau Phir Door Talak Jaayegi, will be available on all major podcast platforms such as Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Jio Saavn and others.  All podcasts and details are also available on Cine Ink website: