London. Cine Ink will be providing extensive coverage of the ninth edition of JLF London starting at the British Library from 10th – 12th June, 2022.

The JLF London programmes will be held at three venues; Darbar Theatre, Mughal Courtyard and Pizza Pavilion, all part of the British Library premises, near Kings Cross in London.

Cine Ink Podcast Series ‘Kitaab Kaulum’ will feature exclusive interviews with authors, discussing their latest work. One-on-one Interviews with prominent speakers will be a part of Cine Ink’s on-going series of podcasts ‘Cine Ink Mulaqat’.

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According to a press release issued by the JLF “the upcoming ninth edition of the JLF London will bring together some of the world’s most renowned writers, thinkers, artists, and entertainers to engage in some of the most pressing issues of today that include – India@75; the Urgency of Borrowed Time (Climate Change); the 50th Anniversary of the 1971 War; Translation; Poetry; Art and Music; Business; History and many more.”

The entry is by ‘Passes’ according to British Library. At the Library JLF Weekend Passes allow in-person access to any of the sessions on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June at a full price of £30.00 subject to venue capacity.

Namita Gokhale, Sahitya Akademy recipient author and Festival Co-Director said, “JLF returns to the British Library this June to present live encounters with a range of diverse voices and perspectives that examine the changing axis of the world. Life and literature, poetry and music, history and geopolitics, ideas and debate, in a not-to-be-missed summer weekend.”

Sanjoy K. Roy, Managing Director, Teamwork Arts said, “JLF London returns in person to the British Library, bringing together an amazing array of writers and speakers including this year’s International Booker Prize winner Geetanjali Shree, Ramachandra Guha and a special stand-up segment by Dr. Shashi Tharoor.”

JLF London 2022: The Festival features a stellar line-up, including English radio and television presenter Anita Rani; British journalist and broadcaster and the author of several highly acclaimed books Anthony Sattin; award-winning travel writer and novelist Colin Thubron; Indian-born British writer, playwright, screenwriter Farrukh Dhondy; 2022 International Booker Prize winning author of Ret Samadhi/ Tomb of Sand, Geetanjali Shree; 2010 Booker Prize winning British novelist and journalist Howard Jacobson; member of the House of Lords Justice and Home Affairs Committee and Director of the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC; author of the novel Butterfly Fish, and short-story collections Speak Gigantular and Nudibranch and multiple awards Irenosen Okojie; one of India’s most experienced and acclaimed television professionals and journalists Karan Thapar.

The list continues with Caribbean born author of mixed African and Indian parentage Kris Manjapra; Indian politician and a Member of parliament Mahua Moitra; award-winning, bestselling writer whose work has been translated into twenty-six languages Monica Ali; author, screenwriter and one of the most prominent UK voices on diversity and inclusion in the arts Nikesh Shukla; renowned historian and biographer Ramachandra Guha; celebrated Indian singer and musician Remo Fernandes; third-term Member of Parliament, bestselling author of twenty-three books, and former Under Secretary- General of the United Nations Shashi Tharoor; Indian journalist, historian, and the author of the bestselling Victoria & Abdul Shrabani Basu; British historian, television presenter and author of Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar, Monsters: History’s Most Evil Men and Women, Jerusalem: The Biography Simon Sebag Montefiore; historian of South Asia and author of two acclaimed books, Sixteen Stormy Days and Imperial Sovereignty and Local Politics Tripurdaman Singh.

A highlight of some of the sessions includes:

A Tale Tells Itself: Tomb of Sand. Geetanjali Shree and Arunava Sinha in conversation with Namita Gokhale. Hindi writer Geetanjali Shree’s acclaimed novel, Ret Samadhi,  the winner of the 2022 International Booker Prize, is a magnificent story of renewal, rediscovery and exploration in the face of grim odds, damning conventions and irrevocable moments in history. It brings the brilliance of contemporary Hindi literature to a wider readership in its nuanced discussion of boundaries – whether in families, between religions and countries, or in conflicting schools of thought. Daisy Rockwell’s exuberant rendering of the novel in English, Tomb of Sand, has garnered worldwide appreciation. Geetanjali Shree; academic, journalist and the award-winning translator of over seventy books, Arunava Sinha; and writer and Festival Co-Director, Namita Gokhale, discuss Ret Samadhi and the larger landscape of translation.

Pride, Prejudice And Punditry: The Essential Shashi Tharoor. Shashi Tharoor in conversation with Pallavi Aiyar. Award-winning writer and politician, Shashi Tharoor, is the author of 22 books of fiction and non-fiction. His unerring sense of humour lightens the substance of his work, which includes a powerful indictment of colonialism, a philosophical appreciation of the Hindu religion, and hard-hitting political critiques. The recent Pride, Prejudice & Punditry is a collection of essays and pieces that range from the political to personal. In conversation with author and journalist Pallavi Aiyar, Tharoor discusses his ideas, insights, convictions and the many levels at which he engages with the world.

Rebels Against the RajRamachandra Guha in conversation with William Dalrymple. Western Fighters for India’s Freedom, historian and writer, Ramachandra Guha, chronicles the unexplored narratives of seven people who fought for the end of imperial rule between the late 19th and early 20th century. Motivated by idealism and genuine sacrifice, each connected to Gandhi and representing diverse schools of thought, they risked fatal punishment for their activism, even as they made invaluable contributions to India’s Independence struggle. In conversation with writer, historian and Festival Co-Director, William Dalrymple, Guha unveils these remarkable figures of India’s history and their profound impact in the fields of journalism, social reform, education and environmentalism.

They: What Muslims and Non-Muslims get wrong about Each Other – Sarfraz Manzoor in conversation with George Alagiah. Sarfraz Manzoor examines the roots of the social and cultural divisions that plague Britain today – at a session based on his crucial work, They: What Muslims and Non-Muslims Get Wrong About Each Other. An acclaimed writer, journalist and broadcaster, Manzoor presents a multidisciplinary and profoundly personal study of the relationship between Muslims and Non-Muslims in modern Britain. In conversation with journalist and television news presenter, George Alagiah, he reveals the cause of “the chasm of mutual distrust” and offers hopeful visions of a time when it will be overcome.

New Media: The Slipstream of Information – Shashi Tharoor, Mahua Moitra and Andrew Whitehead in conversation with Rita Payne. The evolving role of new media is the subject of much study, scrutiny and self examination.
 At a time when freedom of reach has become as important as freedom of speech, a diverse panel explores the role and responsibilities of the media and the new communications in our times.

Love Marriage: Monica Ali in conversation with Jaishree Misra. Monica Ali’s debut novel, Brick Lane, quickly became an international phenomenon. Love Marriage, the fascinating story of two very different families thrown together by a whirlwind engagement, is her first new book in a decade. An enthralling social comedy, it underscores the worlds of love and marriage, the strains and stories that emerge at the curious intersection of both. In conversation with author Jaishree Mishra, Ali reveals the truth of “who we are and how we love in today’s Britain”.

Voices of Faith: The Spirit of Sufi Poetry- Join author, translator and raconteur Saif Mahmood in a conversation with translator and academic Mohini Gupta, on a journey traversing the cultural landscape of Sufi poetry in the subcontinent. This session will bring out the essence of Sufi poetry and thought through readings and discussions, and invite the audience to appreciate the inherent beauty and complexities of the genre.

The JLF Press Release adds: The Jaipur Literature Festival in India is a global literary phenomenon, having hosted more than 5000 speakers and artists, and welcomed over a million book-lovers from across the globe over the past decade. JLF London at the British Library brings the universal, democratic, and inclusive core values of the Festival to the UK.

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