Former Cabinet Minister in the UPA government, Salman Khurshid has dismissed speculations that he was considering leaving the Congress Party. In an interview with Cine Ink, a digital media platform of news and views, based in London, Mr. Khurshid said “I have been with the Congress Party and would remain with the Congress since I believe India’s future is secure only in Congress’s hands. The same is true about the future of Muslims with the Congress. Let the Muslims decide.”

He acknowledged that the previous governments led by Congress had failed to provide reservation for jobs to backward Muslims due to a variety of constitutional issues.

“Muslims haven’t felt safe during the last four years of the BJP government. They are not not even able to express themselves- the way they used to do during our time,” said Salman Khurshid, who was a cabinet minister in PM Manmohan Singh’s government.

In an interview with Pervaiz Alam, Salman Khurshid discusses former President Pranab Mukherji’s address at an RSS conclave, the state of Muslims in India after 1947, and how the Congress Party should be trying to win back the Muslim vote.


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