Cine Ink & Radio Manzil present the recording of a Live Concert by Shephali Frost, produced by Jay Visvadeva of Sama Arts Network, in association with the Nehru Centre, London, on 24 May 2018.

Broadcaster Achala Sharma introduced the concert in front of an invited audience. Keval Joshi accompanied on Tabla and Robin Christian on Flute.

Trained in Hindustani classical music, Shephali sings across the genres of ghazals and Sufi music.

Shephali brings her deep interest in world history to songs of diaspora – singing the poetry of love and revolution across countries and civilisations. An extremely talented and versatile artist, her repertoire extends from the songs of the 18th century Sufi saint, Shah Turab Ali Qalandar of Kakori Sharif in Lucknow, to the poetry of Shiv Kumar Batalvi in Punjab.

She also sang Mira Bai and the iconoclastic Saraiki/Punjabi poet of the sixteenth century – Shah Hussain.

Courtesy: Sama Arts Network & Nehru Centre


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