Yaadgaari Mulaqat

The series- Yaadgaari Mulaqat- consists of very rare interviews with great personalities meant for scholars and discerning listeners.

The 1st interview in the series is with Prof. Ale Ahmad Suroor (1911-2002) who was one of the foremost Urdu critics in the 20th century. The 2nd interview is with Moin Ahsan Jazbi (1912-2005), the legendary Urdu poet who penned immortal poetry such as ‘marne kī duā.eñ kyuuñ māñgūñ jiine kī tamannā kaun kare’. And then there’s another interview with a renowned poet and Ghalib scholar, Prof. Khurshildul Islam (1919- 2006) who wrote internationally acclaimed ‘Ghalib 1797-1869: Life and Letters’ with Prof. Ralph Russell of SOAS.

The series will continue featuring great personalities of our time. Based in London, Cine Ink is a digital hub of Hindi Urdu podcasts.


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