Musafir Ki Diary

Cine Ink’s Podcast series ‘Musafir Ki Diary’ is based on a travelogue written in 1938 by India’s renowned writer, journalist and film maker, Khwaja Ahmad Abbas (7 June 1914 – 1 June 1987), who also won a Palme d’Or at Cannes for his screenplay, Neecha Nagar.

Musafir Ki Diary, hailed as the first modern travelogue written in Urdu, almost forgotten and lost, has been rediscovered by Cineink. The diary is described as an important document of the times and upheavals of history before the 2nd world war. Abbas at the age of 24 set out on a journey that would take him to several countries as he left for Shanghai on 28th June, 1938.

Presented by broadcaster Pervaiz Alam, the Cineink series ‘Musafir Ki Diary’ is produced by Achala Sharma in association with the Delhi-based Khwaja Ahmad Abbas Memorial Trust.


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