The series ‘Bharat: Kahani’ produced by Cine Ink Podcasts begins with three of the greatest Indian short stories; Premchand’s ‘Boodhi Kaki’ and ‘Bade Bhai Sahab’, and Manto’s ‘Kali Salwar’, read by eminent broadcasters, Achala Sharma and Pervaiz Alam.

The classics are followed by some of India’s most celebrated contemporary writers of Hindi and Urdu languages such as Mridula Garg, Nasira Sharma and Chitra Mudgal, all three are Sahitya Academy Award winners. They have recorded their stories in their own voice, exclusively for Cine Ink Podcasts.

Some of the stories have been dramatised by adding sound effects and suitable music. As we go along, new Hindi/Urdu short stories will be added.


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