Born in England, Freda Bedi, an Oxford Marxist, fell in love with Baba Pyare Lal Bedi. Thus began a journey that would, in time, take her to India and meet Mahatma Gandhi. She became a Satyagrahi and was sentenced to six months in jail. Later, she would be revered as a Tibetan Budhist Nun.

She was also the mother of Indian actor Kabir Bedi.

But Freda Bedi was much more than that, says Andrew Whitehead in this programme. He has recently written a much talked about book: The Lives of Freda: the political, spiritual and personal journeys of Freda Bedi, published by Speaking Tiger.

Freda Bedi’s death remains a big mystery, even today.

“Fearless even in death, Freda died sitting in meditation with no rigor mortis, her body remaining supple for four days with warmth around the heart,” says Norma Levine, author of ‘The Spiritual Odyssey of Freda Bedi: England, India, Burma, Sikkim, and Beyond’.

Andrew Whitehead and Norma Levine unravel the enigmatic Freda Bedi.

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