In this second part of Cine Ink’s two-part programme on the most important forms of Urdu poetry, Mehr-e-Alam Khan is in conversation with Pervaiz Alam. They discuss Qasīda, Rubā’ī, Qata’, Hamd, Na’at, Manqabat, Salām, Marsiya, Masnavi, Musaddas, Musallas, Mahiyā and Dohā etc.

Mehr-e-Alam Khan gives a brief account of these poetic forms and cites their examples as well. Joint recitation of these examples by the two presenters makes the programme more interesting.

Earlier, the first part of Forms of Urdu Poetry highlighted salient features of the two most popular forms of Urdu poetry – Ghazal and Nazm. Here’s the link to the programme:…

Cine Ink and Radio Manzil London had also produced Ilm-e-Shayri, a 20-Part series of radio programmes, based on the art of writing Urdu poetry. This was hugely successful (All 20 parts available on our site ( Cine Ink Listeners asked us to do an explanatory programme on various forms of Urdu poetry.

The Forms of Urdu Poetry throws light on some of the major genres of Urdu poetry such as Ghazal, Nazm, Masnavī, Qasīda, Marsiya, Rubā’ī, Musaddas, Qata’, Hamd, Na’at, etc.

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