Former Delhi Chief Minister and newly appointed President of the Delhi Congress Committee, Sheila Dikshit talks about her autobiographical book entitled ‘Sheila Dikshit- Citizen Delhi; My Times, My Life’ and politics in an exclusive interview with Pervaiz Alam for Cine Ink.

She accepts “It’s a difficult challenge as we have to fight against both AAP and BJP” in Delhi. She says filth and pollution are two big issues in Delhi and will be a priority for the next government.

She acknowledges: “Yes, after 10 years, people wanted a change in democracy. People demanded change from us after 10 years. But now the people feel the need for change just after the 5 years of BJP.”

Here are a few quotes from her interview.

On Muslims: “Today, Muslims feel unsettled in the country. A lot of them come to me and want Congress back in power. They have had bad experience with the BJP. They feel like second rate citizens. They feel that they don’t get the equality of opportunities.”

On minorities: “Our stand for minorities is very clear. They are equal for us. They are good citizens. Above all, they are the citizens of this country. So how can we ignore the citizens of the country!”

On 1984 Anti Sikh Riots: “The fault lies in the circumstances. Sometimes a situation arises such as the one in Indira Gandhi’s case as she was assassinated. That was not a normal situation. Certain situations lead to certain reactions – sometimes different from the previous reactions. Reactions keep changing from time to time depending on situations.”

Pervaiz Alam: The reaction was very horrifying. It was a blot on our country? Do you agree?

Sheila Dikshit: Not a blot but an emotion, I would say. You may consider it an over-emotion. It can be an over emotion in your eyes. I acknowledge people faced difficulties…

Why Congress: The positive vote for Congress is the India today. Who built India? Congress is the architect of India. Congress has ruled India for the maximum period whether by Indira Gandhi, Nehru or Narsimha Rao. They are the architects of India. BJP got to rule only once during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s time and second now.

Camera: Sajid Raza Khan
Subtitles: Supreet Aneja
Editing & Online Production: Dhyan Akshat


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