Sanjiv Saraf, the man behind Rekhta Foundation, a hub of Urdu related activities in Delhi, says rekhta.Org has become now the largest website of Urdu content in the world, having regular users from 175 countries. He also confirms that Jashn e Rekhta, an annual celebratory festival of Urdu in Delhi, is indeed, the largest festival of Urdu literature and culture in the world.

Sanjiv Saraf in conversation with Pervaiz Alam, announces a Hindi online platform, Hindwi, emulating the success of Rekhta’s Urdu platforms where 80,000 Urdu books have been scanned and digitised for online sharing. He also reveals that plans are underway to launch an international chapter of the Jashn e Rekhta in London by 2020.

Sanjiv Saraf’s vision is not limited to promoting Urdu and Hindi only as he is keen that other Indian languages such as Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Punjabi could also be a part of the Rekhta project in terms of developing their digital foot prints. He appeals to language lovers through Cine Ink to join him in his endeavour to promote India’s regional languages. is a free resource centre for its users and Jashn e Rekhta in Delhi is also a free event.

Sanjiv Saraf shares details of organising the world’s largest Urdu festival and how it is funded through a Corporate Social Responsibility scheme of his own company.

A leading industrialist of India, coming from a Marwari family of businessmen, Sanjiv Saraf is the Chairman and principal shareholder of Polyplex Corporation Limited, one of the largest producers of PET films in the world.

Sanjiv is an alumnus of the Scindia School and a graduate from IIT, Kharagpur (1980), West Bengal. After completing his graduation, he joined his family business in the Eastern Indian state of Orissa. In 1984, he ventured out on his own to establish Polyplex.

Sanjiv is a voracious reader; passionate about Urdu poetry and has recently learnt the language.

According to Sanjiv Saraf, Rekhta Foundation has established a free website with the objective of promoting and disseminating Urdu literature, especially Urdu Poetry to an audience beyond those conversant with the Urdu script. The content is available in Devanagari and Roman scripts in addition to the Urdu script.

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