One of the leading businessman of India, Padma Shri Vikramjit Singh Sahney is also one of the most influential Punjabis as he heads the World Punjabi Organisation, having chapters in more than 20 countries. He believes Punjabis can unite the world with India and vice versa. He pleads ‘let’s create an environment of friendship with Pakistan and neighbouring countries,’ and yet, at the same time, he warns ‘if people keep dying at the border, no one will talk about trade.’

Mr. Sahney advocates better relations with Pakistan as he sees a lot of trade potential between the two countries, besides having people to people contact.

In conversation with Pervaiz Alam, Vikram Sahney says that with the opening of Silk route, India should have access to Afghanistan and other Central Asian Countries such as Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. He’s all for the revival of TAPI, The Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India Pipeline (TAPI). This natural gas pipeline will transport natural gas from the Galkynysh Gas Field in Turkmenistan through Afghanistan into Pakistan and then to India.

A successful businessman, he is the Chairman and CEO of the Sun Group with Sun International Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL), having its overseas wholly owned subsidiaries and offices in the UAE & South Africa. He heads a successful business conglomerate focused on different areas, including fertilisers, agri-commodities and joint ventures. The Group has an annual turnover of over USD 500 million (Rs. 3000 crores).

Vikramjit Singh Sahney has recently been elected as the new president of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – India.

This interview with Vikramjit Singh Sahney was recorded on 2 June, 2019, as a part of Cine Ink’s coverage of the Khushwant Singh Literary Festival at King’s College in London. Mr. Sahney is one of the sponsors of the festival.
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