Perhaps, this is one of the most positive perspectives about the state of Muslims in India, coming from an Indian human rights activist. Muslims all over the world and particularly in India are writing multiple narratives and they all are positive, says Ovais Sultan Khan, a human rights activist based in Delhi.

He talks about various challenges facing his community in India, the ideology of the right-wing Hindu organisation RSS being one of them, but he is also critical of the ‘so-called’ secular parties of India.

Ovais is associated with justice, solidarity and alternative campaigns as well processes. As an activist, Ovais has carved a niche for himself in the civil society and wider community of social movements. His working areas include peace building, justice, solidarity, conflict mitigation, secularism, reconciliation, non-violent social movements, alternatives, knowledge traditions and democratic governance.

Ovais is also former Managing Trustee of ANHAD.


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