Arguably, it is the greatest literary show on Earth. More than half-a-million people turned up to see the show in India. The year 2018 marks the fifth anniversary of the Jaipur Literature Festival’s (JLF) presence in London. What goes behind its strategic thinking? Who calls the shots? Do the sponsors exert pressure? Is it not true that the regional languages of India get marginalised? Do the writers really benefit from such festivals? And, is it a literature show or just a Mela?

Cine Ink’s Pervaiz Alam interviews Namita Gokhale, noted writer and Festival Director, JLF, and Sanjoy K. Roy, Managing Director of Teamwork Arts which produces over 25 performing arts, visual arts and literary festivals across 40 global cities, including JLF. Both talk about the challenges that they face while mounting a literature festival of this magnitude.


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