He has been the highest paid Hindi broadcaster in Britain for almost 25 years! Londoners were surprised when they read a report in a prominent British daily, The Independent: “Four decades ago, he was working as a rickshaw driver and construction worker in a small town in India for a daily wage of less than 5p. Today, as the highest-paid Asian radio DJ in London, he lives in a huge west-London house and drives a £58,000 Mercedes with a personalised number plate.”

But that report was published in 2004. Ravi Sharma hasn’t looked back. In fact, he has grown into a bigger star. He is invited to conduct some of the largest gatherings in Europe. He presented the programme before an invited audience of about 65,000 to welcome the Indian PM, Narendra Modi, in London.

In an interview with Pervaiz Alam, Ravia Sharma narrates his fascinating story ‘from rags-to-riches’.


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