Internationally acclaimed dancer of Kathak, Pali Chandra, has been teaching Indian classical dance form of Kathak through her well established centres- Gurukul – in Switzerland, UK, UAE and India.

In an interview with Cine Ink’s Pervaiz Alam, Pali Chandra reveals a large number of her students come from all parts of the world through online courses – 100,000 (one lakh) to be precise- arguably, the largest number of online students for any Indian classical dance.

And, here comes the punch! The maximum number of students joining her online Kathak dance courses are from Pakistan!

On request, she performs Bhava (Expressions) on Ahmed Faraz’s poem ‘Suna Hai Log Usey Aankh Bhar Ke Dekhtey Hain’.

The interview with Pali Chandra was recorded in London on 21 July 2018.


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