Reham’s Version – Part 1

Reham Khan, broadcast journalist and ex-wife of former cricketer Imran Khan, founder and chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI), talks about her autobiographical book ‘Reham Khan’ in detail with Cine Ink’s Pervaiz Alam.

In an exclusive interview, being serialised on this site, Reham Khan shares anecdotes and experiences from her life. In this opening part, Reham Khan, while discussing domestic violence, tells Cine Ink she was not even a graduate when she was married off by her family.

She says, she has got very painful memories of her first marriage which led her to divorcing her husband. She took care of her children and they stayed with her.

‘I faced all sorts of domestic violence in my first marriage, including sexual violence’ says Reham Khan.

Imran Khan confirmed his marriage with Reham on 6 January 2015. However, after about 10 months, Imran Khan and Reham Khan filed for divorce in October 2015. 

This is part 1 of her interview with Cine Ink which was recorded in London’s Richmond area on 7 August 2018.


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