“There’s freedom of expression in Pakistan but no guarantee can be given as to what may happen later,” says Wusatullah Khan while sharing tips with budding journalists on how to report from Pakistan.

Laced with satire and humour, he says it all. One of Pakistan’s senior journalists, Wusatullah Khan, has been practicing his art through various formats of multi-media reporting. His blogs for BBC Urdu Service – Maktoob-e-Pakistan & Baat Se Baat’- made him a star blogger overnight.

Now, his columns are syndicated for millions of his followers. He writes a diary for BBC Hindi service as well. He hosts a show ‘Zara Hat Kay’ on the Pakistani TV channel, Dawn News, along with Mubashir Zaidi and Zarrar Khuhro. In this open and free-wheeling conversation with Pervaiz Alam, Wusatullah Khan shares his secrets of reporting from Pakistan.

پاکستان میں آذادئ صحافت اور بندشیں

“بات کہنے کی آذادی ہے لیکن کہنے کے بعد کی آذادی کی گارنٹی نہیں ہے۔”

پاکستان کے ممتاز صحافی وسعت الّلہ خان کے ساتھ پرویز عالم کی گفتگو

पाकिस्तान में पत्रकारिता कितनी स्वतंत्र है? पाकिस्तान के वरिष्ठ

पत्रकार वुसत उल्लाह ख़ान कहते हैं: पाकिस्तान में बात कहने की आज़ादी है लेकिन कहने के बाद की आज़ादी की गारंटी नहीं है। देखिए वुसत उल्लाह ख़ान के साथ परवेज़ आलम की बातचीत।


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