In the 4th programme of our radio series Ilm-e-Shayri, Mehr-e-Alam Khan focuses on some of the fundamental principles of ‘Arooz (Prosody), and explains two of the key terms – Sabab-e-Khafīf and Sabab-e-Saqīl, . 

Sabab-e-Khafīf is a word (or syllable) having two letters, the first carrying a Harakat (movement) i.e. one of the three diacritics – Zabar,Zair or Páish – on it, and the second letter being Sākin i.e. having no movement but a diacritic Jazm denoting quiescence/ rest/ pause.

However, Sabab-e-Saqīl is a two-letter word (or syllable) that carries a Harakat on both of the letters.

Shephali Frost sings Ghalib and Meer in this episode 04 of our radio series Ilm-e-Shayri.

Ilm-e-Shayri ( علمِ شاعری इल्मशायरी ) is the first-ever radio series of programmes, based on the art and skills involved in writing Urdu poetry. The series, consisting of 20 radio programmes of more than 15 minutes’ duration each, answers some of the basic questions about the art of Urdu poetry.

Ilm-e-Shayri describes various patterns of rhythms and sounds in Urdu poetry, the study of which falls under Ilm-e-‘Arooz (Urdu Prosody). Based on a conversation between Mehr-e-Alam Khan, an Urdu poetry enthusiast and journalist, and Pervaiz Alam, Cine Ink, the series Ilm-e-Shayri gives a vivid description of various Bahrs(meters) used to write Urdu poetry, their popular forms, and specific patterns of arkaan(feet) that form a bahr as well as the origin and development of ‘Arooz.

The series, discussing  Zehaafaat (catalexis), any irregular changes in Bahr (meter), describes popular catalectic forms of various Bahrs. It also offers important principles for Taqtee’ (scansion) i.e.  examining the metrical feet (arkaan) of a verse (she’r).

The series includes a brief account of various forms of Urdu poetry, and important tips for writing poetry. It also provides answers to various queries you might have about writing Urdu poetry, as we go along.

Enjoy this Cine Ink & Radio Manzil presentation- Ilm e Shayri– interspersed with ghazals, sung by Shephali Frost, a rising star of ghazal gaayki.


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