Safar, a play in Hindustani, written & directed by Pervaiz Alam, was first staged at the Watermans Arts Centre, London, in 2003, followed by further stage shows in Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leicester and Linbury Studio, Westend, London, featuring actors Hina Baxi, Krishna Kant Tandon & Pervaiz Alam.

Caution! The play contains adult themes and strong language.

Safar is a tale of an exodus from imaginary homelands and of perpetual, irrepressible longing for such paradises lost. And of being introduced to the ultimate reality that strolls somewhere in the middle of the heady mix of soft-focussed, sepia-shaded romance of the bygone, the frothy bitterness of its loss, the steely starkness of the present and the unknown of the future as Vishal, the protagonist from Delhi’s Patel Nagar, who now lives in London. Vishal’s father and grandfather had to migrate from Bhera Sargodha in the aftermath of India’s partition in 1947. Vishal’s closest friend Tariq, now happily settled in London, is originally from Lahore. Ironically, Vishal despite being friends with Tariq is not at ease with Pakistanis.
Torn between this love and hate is Vishal’s girlfriend, Seema from Benares, another migrant to London, happily at ease with her her adopted homlend.


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