Born in London, Aadit Shankar studied at two of the top most educational institutions in England, Harrow School and Oxford University. He read philosophy, politics and economics, and worked briefly for an American investment banking firm in London. But his heart was in Indian food!

At the age of 25, Aadit Shankar has founded Atcha,, a new kind of Indian food supplier, offering fresh street-food.

He tells Cine Ink, “Atcha is a new kind of Indian food. Good-for-you lunch options – rice bowls, salads and toasted sandwiches – all with a South Asian twist.”

Aadit Shankar says: “My team is on a mission to change the way we look at Indian food. Using the best ingredients, Atcha creates meals that are nutrient-rich by design and freshly prepared every day from a kitchen in Hackney. Currently operating as a delivery business, there are plans to open a first permanent site later this year.”

Aadit’s Atcha team operates from the premises of another company, Karma Kitchen- a new concept in sharing cooking space with other food delivering companies.

There are six workbenches designed for smaller companies to run their business from. It has all the equipment except knives. You don’t need to bring anything, advises Karma on its website. There’s 24 hour access and there are kitchen porters on hand to wash up and clean down.

Aadit Shankar shares Karma space with other food outlets.

Aadit’s interests, outside of Atcha, include Arsenal, disco and jazz, and re-watching the (UK) Office. He lives with his parents in Greater London.


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