Ilm-e-Shayari The Art of Urdu Poetry Writing


Ilm-e-Shayri describes various patterns of rhythms and sounds in Urdu poetry, also called Ilm-e-‘Arooz (Urdu Prosody). Based on conversations between eminent broadcasters Mehr-e-Alam Khan and Pervaiz Alam, the series gives a description of various Bahrs (meters) that are used to write Urdu poetry, their popular forms, and specific patterns of arkaan(feet) which form a ‘bahr’ as well as the origin and development of ‘Arooz. Each episode is interspersed with ghazals recited by Shephali Frost and other prominent singers.

The series, discussing Zehaafaat (catalexis), any irregular changes in Bahr (meter), describes popular catalectic forms of various Bahrs. It also offers important principles for Taqtee’ (scansion) i.e. examining the metrical feet (arkaan) of a verse (she’r).

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